Fun with food

Sometimes cooking is just a chore and it can be a real pain. Some of my other posts have talked about cooking efficiency and this post is about reducing hassle in the first place.

Listen to something you love

If I am in the kitchen, I have to listen to something – especially if there is a long period of waiting or stirring. If I can’t decide on music, I usually settle for The Ricky Gervais Show. Sure, I know it off by heart but I still find it funny and engaging enough to keep listening during the more mundane parts of cooking.
Other times, I’ll be grooving to music, getting my dance on while the sauces simmer. Yeah, I am cool.

Enlist help where you canĀ 

I know this won’t work for everybody, but if you’ve got a partner, this can be a fun together activity. My partner usually helps by chopping/prepping/grating while I work on getting the food cooked. It saves time and we have fun catching up.

If you have flatmates that you’re reasonably friendly with and have similar food needs, perhaps see if you can share the burden – shared meals can save costs and most importantly, time!

Make many meals in one go

If you loathe the kitchen or are pressed for time, this is a great option. Plenty of recipes on here can be made in a large batch and stored for a few days or frozen for a few weeks, for lunches on the go or back up food if you just really cannot be bothered.
Sure, it is a bit repetitive, but it makes sure you keep fed during the day.
Or, make a combination of a few things – a couple of salads and a quiche to switch up between throughout the week.


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