Plan, plan, plan

  1. Plan your week of cooking beforehand. 
    – Choosing recipes with some shared ingredients can help keep costs down.
    – Makes that shopping list easier to stick to.
  2. Keep the recipes you like in rotation.
    – Spend less time thinking about what to have.
    – The more you make them, the speedier you become.
  3. Time block. 
    – Get everything you need out before you start cooking.
    – Do your washing up while the food is in the oven.
    – Use timers so you can prepare other parts of the meal while other bits are cooking.
  4. Left-overs. 
    – If you don’t mind repetition, make enough for you to have for lunch or maybe freeze to save for those days you really cannot cook.
  5. Lists! 
    – Checklists are a great way to keep track of what you need and what you have done.
    – When planning out meals, keep record of what you are having for each day. It doesn’t matter if you shift them around, but keeping to what is on the list should really help.What else do you use to keep you on track in the kitchen? Tell us below!

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