Kitchen Karma

No one likes a messy cook in the kitchen, so here are some tips to keep the kitchen clean and your cooking efficient.


  • Get out all the ingredients you need and place them where they need to be. (i.e by the chopping board, or near the stove top)
  • If you are using raw meat, fill the sink with warm, soapy water so you can quickly rinse when swapping to other tasks to avoid contamination.



  • If you need to chop meat and veges, chop the vegetables first, then the meat to save washing up later.
  • Time-block – while something is simmering or in the oven, prepare the next step.
  • Wash up as you go to save time and keep you focused on the task at hand.
  • Use timers for each stage.
  • When you finish with pots/pans, clean them or leave to soak.


  • Clean up after dinner, getting into that habit will really help.
  • If you have done most beforehand, you will have little to clean up.
  • Before you drain the sink (unless it is scummy), wipe down all the surfaces you used with a cloth. It won’t take long and makes the weekly cleaning far easier.

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